Cost Optimization

The differences between a good cloud consultant and the BEST cloud consultant are dramatic. PCI offers an unparalleledbenchmark for efficient and flexible cloud solutions which deliver maximum ROI and value to our customers.

Organizations are migrating their existing applications to cloud-based infrastructures to take advantage ofcost savings in compute, storage and other resources while reducing capital expenses, minimizing support and administrative costs, and meeting the performance, security, and reliability requirements their customersand end-user demand. Conventionalcloud serviceconsultants will build and scope cloud capacity to accommodatecustomer stated needs. However, PCI’s cloud engineers go beyond ordinary provisioningactivities to deliver cloud-basedsolutions that maximize efficiency, flexibility, and savings.  

For each customer, our unique triage process allows us to fully understand and document: 

  • All capacity and what level (e.g. % full & % reaching End of Life) at which the environment is operating   
  • All customers and what they are using the environment for  
  • All unsatisfied customer requests and what actions are being taken to satisfy those requests  
  • Upcoming technology modernization and which customers it will be applied to  
  • Pre-configured options for responding to urgent, unplanned capacity needs  

 So that we are able to: 

  • Efficiently shift enterprise services across different types of capacity to respond to needs within that specific capacity  
  • Identify efficiency measures that customers can use to optimize their environments and schedule implementation  
  • Reduce and/or eliminate underutilized capacity and duplicative services   
  • Respond to enterprise needs as they evolve  

With PCI as your AWS consultant, transition projectscan be up to 90% more cost-effective than a typical lift and shift migration and up to 60+% morecost-effectivethan what standard vendor provides To put this in terms of dollar figures, given a $10M budget, PCI’s approach supports 875 more similar customers than the average contractor solution.

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