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Strategic Planning & Systems Engineering

PCI is recognized as System Engineering experts within NSA, DoD, and DHS.  We’ve saved the Government hundreds of millions of dollars, given the Government insights into their infrastructure that they never had in the past, turned struggling programs into agency success stories, and helped agencies drive capabilities into production faster, with more thorough testing, and less defects.

PCI is a Scaled Agile, Inc. Silver Partner. We have SAFe Program Consultants on staff that provide a full spectrum of services to organizations that want to transition from traditional waterfall development processes to Lean-Agile development with more frequent, predictable, and reliable product deliveries. Our certified, experienced professionals teach certification courses and a variety of workshops to give organizations both a foundation in agile development with the Scaled Agile Framework and role-based training to aid those learning new roles to better support Lean-Agile development. Moreover, our on-site coaching service embeds consultants with the organization’s team to ensure they succeed right from the start rather than trying to struggle through such a radical paradigm shift on their own. PCI is agile across the life cycle by changing the approach to acquisition management. PCI has assisted in strategic changes required for the DCGS and HNJ PMO’s to implement SAFe methodologies in all levels of the enterprise and acquisition process.

PCI leverages the benefits of the Scaled Agile Framework for the Government: Hundreds of businesses have claimed amazing and drastic business improvement after transitioning from traditional development to Lean-Agile development practices.

Consider 30-75% faster time to market, 25-75% defect reduction, and 20-50% increase in productivity. Employees also report a 10-50% higher satisfaction rate. Even organizations that have successfully adopted a Lean-Agile mindset with DevOps at the team level can benefit because there are additional techniques required to effectively scale Lean-Agile development to multiple teams in larger organizations and ensure synchronization across multiple related efforts.

We utilize proven processes and technologies to advise organizations and performing in areas such as:

  • Operational Test Agent (OTA)
  • Validation of User Requirements to Ensure Testability and Feasibility
  • Setup and Manage Development and Test Labs
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Business Process Gap Analysis

To view a list of our SAFe courses, visit here.

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