Simple Status Tracker for Jira Now Available on DI2E

Simple Status Tracker for Jira is now available on DI2E for use by any DI2E JIRA user! PCI is offering Simple Status Tracker at no cost to the DI2E or DI2E user.

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What is Simple Status Tracker? – Simple Status Tracker for Jira (SST) is a dashboard item/gadget that gives users a simple issue hierarchy visualization. This tool provides the capability to view your issues’ entire hierarchy as well as progress by entering a simple JQL search. Simple Status Tracker works great to visualize the breakdown of your top-level issues, such as Portfolio Epics, Objectives, etc. Select the links that are relevant to your team and provide visibility into the overall progress of your work.


How to Get Started with Simple Status Tracker

Please follow the instructions below for the minimal configuration to get started with SST. The Quick Start Guide is available to read if you would like to learn more about the setup of SST.

Adding SST to your Dashboard:

    1. Create a new Jira Dashboard or navigate to a Dashboard you can edit.
    2. Click the Add Gadget button on the top right of your screen.
    3. Search for Simple Status Tracker and click Add Gadget.

Configuring SST:

    1. You can select the projects to pull issues from within the project. If no projects are selected, it will allow you to enter projects in the JQL search.
    2. Select either “Use JQL query” or “Use saved filter” in order to select the method of filtering issues.
      • If “Use JQL query” is selected: enter a JQL search into the Enter JQL Search.
      • If “Use saved filter” is selected: choose a saved filter from the dropdown.
      • Please Note: The saved filters referred to are created using the issue search screen in Jira. If none are set the user can go to the issue search screen and save a JQL search in order to use within SST.
    3. If you want to render certain Inward Links (Implemented by, etc.), you can select those from the Inward Link Type dropdown.
    4. If you want to render certain Outward Links (Implements, etc.), you can select those from the Outward Link Type dropdown.
    5. Issues linked by Epic Link are rendered by default.**

Request a Demo of Simple Status Tracker Today!

Please contact John Pacheco for your free demo of SST.


Are you Enjoying Simple Status Tracker? Leave a Review!

Leave us a review on the Atlassian Marketplace Page.

PCI is looking for user feedback! We are providing SST free of charge to encourage users to leave us a review. PCI seeks to excel in delivering value to our clients.


Need Help?

**Simple Status Tracker is a new plugin and some quirks have been uncovered by users. Below are some tips to make your use of SST as seamless as possible. Rest assured these issues will be resolved in the next release version. We apologize for these issues and appreciate your feedback to improve the application!

  • If you return to the edit screen and click save you will LOSE SAVED CONFIGURATION unless you click on the configured dropdowns again.
  • If a JQL search you are doing requires the use of special characters i.e., !@#$%^&*(), you must use the encoded version of the symbol instead. For example: “Tasked Team = Q&A” should be entered as “Tasked Team = Q%26A”.
Symbol Encoded
# 23%
% 25%
^ %5E
& 26%
* %2A
! 21%
@ 40%

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