About Our Partnerships

Partnerships that offer depth
and expertise

Through PCI’s 12 year history, we have earned a reputation of being vendor agnostic within solution offerings, and at the same time have forged key strategic partnerships along the way to bring depth and expertise to specific vendor solutions that are embedded within multiple customer spaces, which has strengthened our overall service delivery across our core competencies.

These Partnerships take on many different forms:

  • Teaming with vendors in challenge competitions
  • Developing joint whitepapers for opportunities within new markets
  • Increased training and certification to develop depth and breadth across the company
  • Holding joint tech-talks and social events

These Partnerships have strengthened our overall Service Delivery through the following means:

  • Training and cert paths have led to PCI taking on key personnel positions within critical mission areas.
  • Training and cert paths have led to PCI personnel becoming certified trainers, which has led PCI to build-out its own training facility.
  • Whitepapers have expanded PCI’s reach into new contracts and customer areas
  • Becoming the services arm for a vendor-developed cybersecurity framework for protecting controlled unclassified information (CUI).
  • Created an internal Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to demonstrate our unique application migration solutions
  • Holding joint tech-talks and social events

PCI’s Key Strategic Partnerships include:

Through our DHS EAGLE Prime vehicle, migrated a major program to the AWS Cloud; the customer shared this migration story at an AWS event as the recommended model for the Agency.
Experienced in Office 365 migrations, currently leading the rollout and implementation approach for Office 365 for a seventeen agency community.
On site SME-level lead for largest instantiation within a government agency, such as leading an Elastic-coalition in a rapid prototype challenge competition.

PCI has numerous SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) that are implementing, coaching, and teaching SAFe principles across the DOD every day. Formal in-class and virtual training is delivered from PCI’s Boston MA corporate offices

Given the DOD requirement for the ~175,000 SBIR awardees to certify their infrastructures to protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), PCI is providing a service to assist these small businesses to become compliant.
PCI has introduced several of our Agile Govt customers to the “piplanning app” developed by Rentouch. This web-based application makes it possible to execute a virtual Program Increment Planning Meeting with people participating remotely from anywhere. The application simulates in-person planning and supports remote collaboration. The app also improves efficiency of in-person planning and eliminates the need to transcribe all your handwritten stickies since it has real-time bi-directional sync with JIRA
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