Now Offering SAFe® Certification Exam Coaching Sessions!

Diving into the pool that is the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) can feel like an overwhelming move.  Sure, there’s a wealth of information available online.  But it is so voluminous that to call it intimidating feels like an understatement.  If you’ve ever taken a SAFe course, the phrase “learning by fire hose” might seem familiar.  An incredible amount of information comes at you in a short period of time.  What’s more, in order to adequately prepare for any SAFe Certification Exam, you’ll need to put in extra time beyond the SAFe course not only to review that course material, but also to read and absorb dozens of additional articles that revisit and reinforce the concepts introduced in class.  It can leave even the most resolute test-taker feeling despondent.

 If you’re feeling this way, know that you’re not alone.  We’ve seen the comments and requests for help and tips on various message boards and social media sites.  With that in mind, PCI, A Company, has developed SAFe Certification Exam Prep Coaching Sessions to help you focus your studying and raise your level of confidence prior to taking a SAFe Certification Exam.  Let’s take a deeper look at what this entails.


Let us help take the stress out of studying!

Our world-class instructors can help prepare you to take your SAFe® Certification Exams!

With our SAFe Certification Exam Prep Coaching Sessions, you’ll get two 90- or 120-minute sessions with at least one of our highly experienced SAFe Instructors.  The length of each session depends on which course you’ve taken, as certain courses have different time limits on their certification exams.  During your first session, our Instructors will walk you through a handout that details our proven methodology for approaching a SAFe Certification Exam.  We’ll highlight a few items from the SAFe Course Study Guide, calling attention to items that can help you prioritize and strategize your studying.  You’ll also get access to a set of quizzes designed for each course by your instructors to help you gauge your progress and identify your strengths and weaknesses.  You can take that information home to focus and tailor your studying in between our sessions.  At our second session, we’ll lead you through the SAFe Certification Practice Exam for the chosen course.  We’ll highlight important words or phrases in the questions, show you what to look for, and share strategies to make these intimidating exams feel imminently conquerable.  We’ll never give you the answers to the questions; rather, we’ll help guide you down the path to arriving there on your own.

These sessions are designed for learners who have already taken a SAFe course and have been dropped at the curb to navigate the certification exam process on their own.  Learners who take SAFe courses through us have Exam Prep included in the cost of the SAFe course, at no additional charge.  Our learners have achieved fantastic pass rates on their SAFe Certification Exams, and many have cited our Exam Prep as the difference-maker in their confidence and performance on the exams.  We currently offer a SAFe Certification Exam Prep Course for Leading SAFe, and we will soon be rolling out offerings for the following additional SAFe Courses:  Agile Product Management, Lean Portfolio Management, Product Owner/Product Manager, SAFe for Government, SAFe Scrum Master, and SAFe for Teams.  Our Certification Exam Prep is a standard part of any SAFe course taught by PCI, a Company.  Now we’re expanding our reach to learners who have taken SAFe training from other vendors.  So let us help you take that final step to SAFe certification with confidence.  Sign up today!

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