Mid-Level Software Engineer – Machine Learning (TS with Poly Required)

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Posted 1 month ago

BigBear.ai is seeking a Software Engineer to take an existing adaptive cyber defense prototype and make it more applicable to mission and customer needs. The prototype is a software library consisting of several modules, including threat detection tools, a rudimentary autonomous reasoning system, and a GUI. The software prototype was designed by an off-site contractor who designed and tested the prototype on their internal data, as well as a publicly available data.

Written in python, the prototype makes use of open-source AI/ML libraries in order to autonomously create baselines of cyber activity and measure those baselines against activity of unknown provenance. Results from these tests will be fed into a rudimentary reasoning system in order to reason about the information and make higher level conclusions about the activity. There is a GUI which can interact with cybersecurity analysts through a chat window, so that end users need only supply information about data and the analytics they wish to run, which is translated by a rudimentary AI system to ingest the correct data, run the analytics and display results.

This position will support PCI, a BigBear.ai company.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline from an accredited college or university is required; four (4) years of SWE experience on projects with similar software processes to those described in the pertinent delivery order may be substituted for a bachelor’s degree.
  • A minimum of fourteen (14) years’ experience as a software engineer in programs and contracts of similar scope, type, and complexity as the pertinent delivery order.
  • Experience in open source AI/ML libraries is required.


Active TS with Poly is required. Candidates without an active clearance will not be considered.

PCI is an equal opportunity employer with over 12 years supporting the customer, and partnerships with Amazon, Elastic and Microsoft Azure. We consider our employees our most valuable asset, prioritizing company culture and providing generous benefits.

We were founded on the principal that uncompromising personal integrity and ethics are the primary guides in all business situations. We believe that the company’s collective character is of utmost importance, the trust of our clients is sacred, and view reliability as a requisite quality in each of our professionals. PCI is centered on ensuring three principles are ingrained in everything that we do: Performance, Commitment and Integrity.

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Job CategoryData Science, Software Developer/Engineer
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