Cloud Migration

Most organizations attempt to solve the cloud challenge from a technical perspective when it really can only be solved through the coordination and integration of technical and non-technical solutions. System migrations have a long-standing impact on the processes within the organization, the roles of personnel, and many other aspects of ongoing operations. PCI’s experience migrating thousands of Government applications and systems combined with our AWS technical expertise enables organizations to conduct rapid migration to the cloud and achieve sustained operational effectiveness and savings.


PCI leverages our AMP migration process to drive successful Government cloud migrations. We supplement AWS migration best practices with additional Government perspectives, migration options, and assessment areas to achieve maximum effectiveness. PCI has spent the past 12 years optimizing the overall process and the past four years integrating it with AWS. PCI’s AMP drives integrated and tailored full life-cycle migration of Government applications and systems. 

AMP coordinates migration activities at the Enterprise and Project Level across all phases of project migration. Assess, Migrate, and Perfect activities occur in parallel. There is a plug-and-play playbook of refined processes for each phase and level (enterprise/project) of the process. Our Government extensions ensure the unique elements of Government migrations are fully accounted for.

Cloud Migration


Our experience migrating thousands of systems across multiple technologies enabled us to refine our process. 

  1. Comprehensive: The level of complexity requires someone who addresses the problem comprehensively, as it provides for a much greater solution space. Areas that are unaccounted for or ignored cause delay, confusion, and a lack of confidence. 
  2. Communication: Enterprises must communicate consistent and repeatable approaches while understanding that every migration is unique to the person/project being migrated.  
  3. Competence: End-to-End, full life cycle competence (depth and breadth) is the only method that works every time.  
  4. Clarity: A single meeting surfaces all issues and “what about …?” questions, resolves many issues, and provides a clear path forward.  
  5. Cohesiveness: A purpose-built, high performing team is required to deal with high levels of complexity, multiple dependencies, and schedule pressures.  
  6. Consistency: On-time delivery and execution across each engagement builds confidence and establishes expectations for projects migrated later in the process.  
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