Eagle II Task Orders Awarded

Task Order No. HSFE50-13-J-0462: ENS Capabilities ServicesPCI will leverage their expertise conducting IV&V of large scale, complex, and mission critical IT systems to provide an independent and objective analysis of the Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) capabilities, capacity, and performance levels. The ENS is the standard notification tool for activating teams and disseminating information for the the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) / Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This effort will provide FEMA/DHS with the necessary information to make informed decisions about whether the current ENS resources can continue to accommodate the existing target population and also provide a roadmap for strategic system development.
Task Order HSHQDC-14-J-00136 (HSIN IV&V OTA)PCI has been awarded a contract to provide Independent Operational Testing Services for the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN). Under this effort, PCI is responsible for providing operational testing and evaluation services to support the HSIN Acquisition Decision Event 3, which moves the HSIN program into the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) phase. For this effort, PCI will provide a team of subject matter experts that will develop test plans, develop test scripts, conduct operational testing and evaluation activities on operational capabilities, document results, and report on findings. This effort will result in the delivery of the Final HSIN OT&E report.
Task Order HSHQDC-14-J-00454 (HSIN Release 3 IV&V)PCI has been awarded a contract to provide the HISN Program with an operational assessment of the current HSIN Release 3 platform architecture and its position within the DHS data center to confirm users are receiving services that meet contracted Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This effort includes verifying that the current environment consisting of the DC2 data center, DHS network and the current HSIN R3 system architecture are capable of scaling to meet usage requirements. PCI will conduct performance testing of all HSIN R3 components and provide results, analysis, recommendations, and solutions to increase system capability and efficiency.