All tasks performed by us will be accomplished using documented processes (figure 1) in compliance with one or more team-internal or Government standards.

Our quality system is documented internally in the Corporate Quality Policy Manual. The Quality Policy Manual identifies the policies that articulate the components of our quality system. It includes our internal quality mandate, quality model, quality methods, and quality measurement. Our Corporate Quality Policy Manual provides the framework for our EAGLE II Quality Control Process and focuses on the following imperatives:

  • Define each employee’s role and responsibility in maintaining quality levels;
  • Build quality assurances and reviews into operating procedures for all major tasks and sub-tasks while facilitating the workflow;
  • Ensure accuracy of work and conformance with contract deliverable requirements;
  • Improve customer service levels, maintaining compliance with DHS policies, procedures, and regulations;
  • Promote continuous process improvement;
  • Develop methods to identify inadequately addressed workflow and implement improvement actions.
Our commitment to quality is rooted in its dedication to a process for our customers that establishes a formal framework as the basis for controlling critical activities that affect the quality (and collaterally, the costs) of the services we provide (figure 2). Our PM and TO Leads represent our tactical quality control, supported by our independent Quality Assurance Manager. They will ensure all tasks are accomplished successfully in a high quality manner and will review all deliverables to ensure technical correctness, appropriate format, and timely delivery to meet the specifications of the EAGLE II CDRL requirements..

To ensure we focus on continually improving our products, services, and deliverables, we will continually assess our quality metrics to assure that we:

  • Satisfied requirements according to the Statement of Work and Task Orders (were we effective?)
  • Used optimal approaches, industry best practices, and the best available tools and resources to optimize the service delivery (were we efficient?)

Working with the CO, COR, and the COTR, we will produce a plan to address the Government’s Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) for each performance-based TO. This will provide detailed performance standards, metrics, and monitoring methods for transition, tasks, and deliverables.

For all TOs, we will coordinate the collection of metrics to support contract performance and detail a plan for providing these metrics as part of our status reporting to the customer. Senior leadership will provide oversight for all EAGLE II performance quality during periodic program reviews including Monthly Operating Reports (MORs) and Quarterly Program Reviews (QPRs).

We recognize that, in ensuring the quality of the services we deliver, our most critical resource is the excellence and competence of our personnel. With this understanding as our foundation, we have a dynamic and inclusive staffing process that ensures timely staffing for all contract positions while actively promoting opportunities for all teammates. This process ensures best-value personnel are made available to the Government while considering cost control throughout the life of the contract. Our training and orientation program will ensure all incoming team members (including subcontractors) have the appropriate knowledge to perform the day-to-day support activities, understand recent organizational history and culture, and understand the quality control process. We will conduct formal training of core personnel and, as part of our team approach, provide mentoring and continuous professional staff development, resulting in increased value to the Government.

Our staffing approach, coupled with active and experienced mangers will ensure the quality of support professionals and their products and services remain consistently high and exceed the expectations of the Government.

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