Data Analytics & Management

We work with our clients to understand their data – where it comes from, who owns it, the rules that act upon it, who needs it and much, much more. We then work to develop a data migration plan that results in the cleanest data possible stored in the right repository for data analysis. 

We also help our clients form governing bodies as well as data management policies and procedures to ensure that once their data is cleansed, it stays that way.   

With an understanding of our clients’ data goals and needs tied in with our knowledge of AWS’s Analytics services, we work to develop a data architecture optimized to meet organizational needs. Our architectures address all aspects of data management – from processing and storing data to the PaaS, IaaS, software, and data models customized to client need.We implement and curate large repositories of structured and unstructured data for the enterprise to be used for reporting, visualization, analytics and machine learning. 

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