Capabilities Suite

Cyber & CNO

Building on years of experience in Computer Network Defense (CND) configuring and hardening systems, PCI had an excellent foundation to diversify into the broader Computer Network Operations (CNO) / Cyber landscape. Fundamental knowledge of networks and networking is paramount before any reverse engineering, CNO tool development, or cyber activity could be initiated.

PCI’s cyber staff have a strong understanding of IPv4 & IPv6 networks, network programming, protocols, and concepts including OSI layers 1-3, routing, NAT, proxies, and filters. PCI provides the U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) & DoD with intelligent solutions guaranteeing that the United States maintains their dominant position on-net. PCI employs Cyber Security Experts, Software Developers, Reverse Engineers, and Network Engineers – all working, today, supporting the USIC across multiple contract and agencies.

Our offensive and defensive expertise create tailored solutions that span the following key areas:

  • Reverse Engineering: PCI reverses software and firmware from the smallest of embedded images to large, complex systems. We reverse engineer software & firmware, develop tools, and support critical mission needs for our intelligence clients. Through both dynamic and static analysis our engineers accurately & timely identify necessary system and software detail.
  • Tool Development: PCI CNO developers have spent years architecting and engineering mission essential tools for our clients. Often our developers are embedded within specialized teams creating solutions for hard problems. This gives PCI an advantage of and detailed knowledge of all aspects of the cyber / CNO worlds. Our engineers have helped engineer solutions to some of the USIC’s highest risk & challenging cyber problems. We have successfully delivered at every stage of the complex pipeline required for a solution to go from concept to successful operations…and post-operations.
  • Post Operations: Cyber doesn’t stop following a successful operation. The data must be received, transformed, stored, and available for analysis. PCI has experts in the fields of systems engineering, intelligent data processing, machine learning, analytics, and data presentation. We ensure post-op data transforms into actionable intelligence.

To stay ahead of the technology curve, PCI has developed an internal training pipeline for cyber engineers and computer scientists, where we:

  • Commit to continuous development of our engineers to drive creativity and innovation.
  • Put our cyber professionals to the test by sponsoring & fostering internal tests & competitions.
  • Participate and support the open source community, internal research and development, and commercial technologies advancements.
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