Life at PCI

At PCI, we recognize that our people are our strongest asset.

PCI is dedicated to providing an environment that fosters trust and loyalty, truly a company that you enjoy working for and would recommend to your closest friends. We embrace the small business culture and fully support the development of our employees and the care of their families. At PCI, you’ll be continually challenged by exciting projects; working alongside individuals who you know will maintain both your good reputation and that of PCI. When you join PCI, you’ll be performing for clients who have a direct impact on the security of our nation. We value the unique contributions each of our professionals makes to our firm; we value your insight and encourage new ideas. We firmly believe that the most effective team is one that will reflect our diverse backgrounds, our individual ideas, and our unique perspectives.

Trust and LoyaltyAn environment that fosters
trust and loyalty
Purpose-DrivenA company with a direct impact
on our nation’s security
Small business cultureLeadership whose invested
employee’s professional
and personal goals
Diverse perspectivesA culture that fosters mutual respect,
acceptance and tolerance
Growth OpportunitiesTraining opportunities offered
for employees to enhance their
work-related skills
Work/Life BalanceAn importance is placed on a
healthy balance between work
and life priorities
TeamworkAn environment that focuses on team
accomplishments rather than on
individual accomplishments
Honest CommunicationLeaders who are transparent
about company goals and who
encourage feedback

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About Our Values

Performance, Commitment, Integrity – every time, without compromise, to both our customers and employees.

PCI is founded on the principal that uncompromising personal integrity and ethics are the primary guides in all business situations. We believe that the company’s collective character is of utmost importance, the trust of our clients is sacred, and view reliability as a requisite quality in each of our professionals. PCI Strategic Management is centered on ensuring three principles are engrained in everything that we do: Performance, Commitment and Integrity.

PerformanceWe strive to exceed expectations in everything that we do, and this philosophy carries through to our services, products, and capabilities.
CommitmentOur customers can be certain that no other firm will dedicate as much time and energy to understanding their objectives, obstacles, and vision.
IntegrityWe approach every customer, employee, and business opportunity with a belief that our values are a key differentiator between the competition and us.