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About Our History

A Brief Look Into Our History

In 2008, PCI was founded and this all began. Our goals were simple really—build a sustainable firm that put our people first, support critical mission areas with enjoyable and satisfying work, and provide a fun, family-oriented work environment. So, we set out on that path, adding high-caliber professionals that added value to the culture along the way, striving to build a company that we took pride in.

Originally, our competencies were focused on professional services and data center consolidation/migration challenges – “PCI Strategic Management” fit us well and depicted our workforce’s contributions.  We provided critical support to some of our customers most compelling challenges in the management of programs, data center consolidation and migration, and in developing solutions to address power, space, and cooling resource constraints.

Over the past few years we’ve changed quite a bit: we’ve significantly increased our focus on mission and cybersecurity efforts, and we expanded significantly in support of our DoD customers.  We began to realize that, while still a significant component of our DNA, “Strategic Management” didn’t come close to adequately describing the breadth of our capabilities.  We considered many options (including a wholesale name change), but in the end realized that the positive name recognition of our “PCI” brand was something very valuable and worth retaining.

Our new logo reflects all the good things about PCI built during the first 10-years. It looks to the future with a contemporary, smart, and innovative design, yet nodded back to our traditional values – high quality, reliability, value-centered, and a family-oriented firm that values work-life balance.