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Government cloud migration efforts present unique challenges, and standard cloud migration best practices don’t account for all of the complexities. PCI’s innovative cloud migration approach combines extensive Government cloud migration expertise and strong partnerships with Cloud and IT vendors to support the migration of Government applications, systems, and infrastructures.

Most organizations attempt to solve the cloud challenge from a technical perspective when it can only be solved through the coordination and integration of technical and non-technical solutions. System migrations have a long-standing impact on the processes within the organization, the roles of personnel, and many other aspects of ongoing operations. PCI’s experience migrating thousands of Government applications enables organizations to conduct rapid migration to the cloud and achieve sustained operational effectiveness and savings

PCI leverages our Assess, Migrate, Perfect (AMP) migration process to drive successful Government cloud migrations. We supplement Cloud vendor migration best practices with additional Government perspectives, migration options, and assessment areas to achieve maximum effectiveness. PCI has spent the past 10 years optimizing the overall process and the past two years integrating it with Cloud vendors in support of DHS and the IC.

PCI’s AMP drives integrated and tailored full life-cycle migration of Government applications and systems.

Our migration successes include:

  • Surveyed and assessed 300,000+ square feet of IT systems and applications annually
  • Successful rollout and migration of 10,000+ users from standard desktops to cloud-based VDI
  • 100,000 square feet of data center space returned to organization for reuse
  • $250M in cost avoidance through 2020
  • 500 systems moved successfully in one day from a managed data center environment to the cloud

PCI, a Company, is an AWS Advanced Tier Partner. As an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, we leverage our expertise to assist Intel, DOD, and Federal agency customers with cloud migration, architecture design and implementation, automation, monitoringand IV&V.

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