To fully leverage the full benefits of the Cloud, we work with customers to make sure they are using automation wherever they are able.  AWS allows much more flexibility for automation when compared to On-Premise solutions and can significantly reduce costs as well as O&M.  Common tasks that we have automated include: 

  • Infrastructure creation 
  • Backup and deletion of Snapshots and AMIs 
  • Automated Security Notification and Response 
  • Turning on and off EC2 Instances to be cost efficient 
  • Tagging Resources 
  • Network Administration CI/CD Pipelines 

From Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to provision resources to backup and deletion of images, we have helped customers implement solutions to realize the full benefit of cloud automation.  By using these solutions, you can eliminate manual repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus more on innovation while greatly reducing the risk of human error.  We have been able to save customers an average of 50% by automating their entire cloud infrastructure. 

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